Our Calendar is a free, simple-to-use (how many times have you heard that before) tool for scheduling group activities. It allows any number of people to sign up for tasks, see what tasks are already covered, and coordinate everyone without the need for tons of email.

Think of Our Calendar as that family calendar hanging on the side of the refrigerator, but this one is available to your church group, or your group of friends helping an ill neighbor with meals, or your carpool group scheduling pickups.

Terms of Use
Use of Our Calendar is free to anyone not wishing to profit (monetarily) from its use. Calendars should be used for scheduling group activities. The content is not monitored by the owners of this site. Ring Associates, LLC. does reserve the right to remove any information posted that it wishes.

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Our Calendar provides only minimal security. Each calendar has its own password, but since a password is shared by everyone using a single calendar, there exists the potential for abuse by someone outside a group guessing a password. Careful with personally identifiable information. It's best not to use last names, and if you use phone numbers, don't include the area code unless it's really necessary.

This site was inspired by one friend who was injured in a skiing accident and her friends who wanted to provide meals to her family while she was out of commission. It became a product after another friend's daughter was diagnosed with cancer, and a group gathered to help with meals again. It is built on the ideas of a colleague who used a similar system to keep track of a group owned pick-up truck. If you have any intention of hacking the site, or using it for other than its intended purposes, please go elsewhere. Creating a new calendar, or using an existing calendar is indication that you accept these terms of use.

Contact Us
Send email to If you spot a bug, or have a suggestion on how to improve Our Calendar, or you have any complaints or problems with its use, don't hesitate to write us.

Ring Associates builds custom designed software (websites and databases) for clients worldwide for a lot less than you might expect. We specialize in simply (we like to think of it as elegantly) designed software. You have a need, we want to fulfill that need as efficiently as possible. If you wish to use Our Calendar for profitable motives, please contact us - site, source and other licensing arrangements are available. If you have the need for our services, please write to

We can be reached by U.S. mail at Ring Associates, P.O. Box 3574, Chapel Hill, NC, 27515.