The Problem
Ever have to schedule a meeting by email or by phone? You call Joe, and find three or four times that are convenient for him. You call Jane and narrow the list to two times. Then you get to Sarah who can't make either of those two times, but is available the following week. Back to square one.

The Solution
Our Meeting is specifically designed for this one task. Our Meeting distributes the problem, and therefore the solution. You preselect a list of times for your meeting, and email the instructions to your participants. They each visit the Our Meeting site, and mutually decide on a meeting time. Our Meeting sends you email as the process progresses. When each participant has weighed in, you are notified, and can confirm the meeting with everyone. You send a total of two emails, and you're done!

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Terms of Use
Use of Our Meeting is free to anyone not wishing to profit (monetarily) from its use. The content is not monitored by the owners of this site. Ring Associates, LLC. does reserve the right to remove any information posted that it wishes.

Our Meeting provides only minimal security. Each meeting has its own password, but since a password is shared by everyone using a single meeting, there exists the potential for abuse by someone outside a group guessing a password.

Contact Us
Send email to If you spot a bug, or have a suggestion on how to improve Our Meeting, or you have any complaints or problems with its use, don't hesitate to write us.

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